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>> was the response too slow? parents are outraged after authorities say a child was abducted from a school and a bay area hospital plays a starring role in a film opening tonight in new york city . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's wednesday, september 25th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with developing news out of san francisco where three people have just been taken into custody after leading police on a high speed chase. police tell us pacific heights where a woman says a man grabbed her backpack then jumped into a silver mercedes suv. it ended when the suv struck a mini van at sage and buchanan street.
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suspected robber and two other people were taken into custody. the driver of the mini van was injured as well as two of the suspects. a child at a nearby park was struck by debris. crews are at the scene of a minor train incident right now on the peninsula. it happened within just the last hour. traffic was stopped for awhile but it does seem to be moving to the area. you can see from this, passenger reports the northbound train was packed with riders heading to tonight's giant's game. the car was able to drive off the traks and there are no reports of any injuries. a bay area hospital is about to take center stage in the national debate about healthcare. the debut of dock meantly called the waiting room. janet live in oakland to explain how high land hospital plays the starring role. >> that's right, gasia. the debut is tonight in new york city. i talked with in the bay area about his film. he says that he spent months
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gathering hundreds of hoursf interviews with patients and staff cynthia johnson or c. j. is one of 70 thousand who works in high land hospital's emergency department. a non-stop high pressure job serving the 250 to 300 patients who come in every day often because they don't have insurance or primary care doctor. c. j. is also one of the people featured in a new dock meantly called the waiting room. the film shows the healthcare system through the eyes of patients and hospital staff. tonight the film has its premier in new york city with film maker high land ceo. nick spoke with us by phone. >> what we wanted to show with the film is what the reality and the struggle that both patients and institutions are going through, to be able to, you know, serve our national conversation is the privilege and i'm overly grafl for it. >> the film has no narrow tore, only the voices of the people in
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the emergency room. >> when i saw it, oh my gosh, it was just awesome. i was moved by it. >> i cried through the whole first showing. >> many people in oakland hope the national attention will spark dialogues about healthcare in the u.s.. >> i was impressed by the number of -- of dimensions that he got to film, you know, when talking to people, you know, at the hospital, both patients and staff. >> the film opens in the bay area on october 19th in oakland, the sun dance in san francisco and the camera cinemas in san jose. also nationwide twice at high land hospital on the big screen and in the front line healthcare debate. reporting live in oakland tonight, ktvu channel 2 news. chevron today released alert other oil refiners failed causing last month's massive fire in richmond. chevron says a carbon fueled pipe may corrode faster than
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expected when exposed to sulfur compounds under high pressure. san ramon chevron said all color carbon-filled systems to make sure they're not at risk for failure. now continuing coverage for an 11-year-old oakland boy who was wounded by a bullet while he slept in his own bed. tonight he is now back at home in the same house where he was shot. luis hernandez has a bullet in his back. he was shot thursday morning. he was hit by one of ten bullets fired into his home. that left family with fears and mixed emotions about his homecoming. >> i'm happy but i don't want to sleep in the same room because i'm scared it's going to happen again. >> it's like my bring my son again back to the trash right here. >> luis's parents say they're working hard to find a new place for the family to live. new face is going up at san mateo elementary school where authorities say a nine-year-old
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girl was abducted from a restroom. the suspect was caught but some parents say they're still frustrated even after a safety meeting today. >> 200 parents packed the safety meeting at park side elementary school in san mateo. our cameras weren't allowed inside as the superintendent told the crowd security is being stepped up after an on-campus abduction but for some it's all too little too late. >> this should never have happened. they should not even wait to do some action until somebody almost gets abducted here. >> investigators say that nine-year-old girl was snatched by a stranger from a school bathroom on friday and taken off campus. she managed to fight off the accused attacker. san mateo police arrested 25-year-old brad and the fi has now been called in to run a background check on him looking for warning signs. >> to understand why someone would do this, we want to know everything in their background. >> the hours before friday's
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kidnapping, police say two other nearby schools reported the same man was harassing students. some parents feel that information wasn't passed along quickly enough. >> maybe an alert system could be implemented so that way those incidents did happen, maybe there could be an alert made. >> the district today de fended its response. >> it was important that the information that was put out to our family was correct and accurate and so we waited until we had correct and accurate information. >> the little girl who was nearly abducted, she is back at school right now. i had a short conversation with her mom today. i asked how she's doing. her mom just said she's brave. in san mateo, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. police in vallejo were looking for a man who robbed a bank in this photo at the branch there an sacramento street. the robbery happened last thursday. police say this man walked spoo the bank, handed the teller a note demanding money then walked
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out with cash. police say the suspect might be missing his front teeth. search r for at least four men in a robbery last night. this happened about 9:00 p.m. bancroft avenue right near dutton avenue. police say at least four of five men who robbed the store had guns. officers say the men ordered everyone to get on the floor then stole money from the registers. a former gay right's advocate in san francisco's human rights was in court today and pleaded not guilty to child pornography charges. the da says there's a great deal of evidence shows him and someone in australia exchanged images with men and children as young as two. he declined to comments and free on $240,000 bail. a 17-year-old driver is in custody tonight after pleading guilty today for killing a father and daughter. today we learned in court the teen was traveling 72 miles per hour in a 45 mile-an-hour zone
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last april 7th. that story struck and killed 41-year-old and his 9-year-old daughter leaving the surviving family members heartbroken. >> everybody is a parent. everybody is a wife. everybody sa sister. everybody is a brother. put yourself in my shoes. how would the affected san frano
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man is recovering at home. . contra costa county spray for mosquitos calling a schedule for tomorrow night. neighborhoods south between sul los avenue and brentwood boulevard sunset and should end around 11:00. workers at yosemite national park are now being treated for the hantavirus. there have been nine confirmed
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cases and three deaths at the park all among visitors. they say health officials did blood tests on 100 park employees. they want to see if workers have been exposed and get a better idea just how widespread hantavirus is. the virus is spread through exposure to deer mice droppings. workers say they have been told not to talk about the test. a san jose man has been released from jail with no charges filed after he was accused of trying to poison his girlfriend. >> certainly i didn't intend any harm and -- and further mor, vicri knows she was -- she was actively participating in this whole process. >> 67-year-old bob lock says he was only giving his girlfriend a mineral supplement. she recovered from surgery in san rafael. we were told it contained high levels of chlorine. he said he takes the supplement himself and hopes to clear his name of any wrong doing.
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. emergency responders held an unusual drill today at san francisco international airport. this is after sfo's first water rescue drilt using its marine emergency response facility. volunteers passengers rescuing jet liner that is landed in the bay. firefighters, the coast men and red cross all participated in this exercise. how crucial is ohio in the reyes for president. the swing state is siding with the winning candidate over the past 12 presidential elections. emily smith has de tails on the latest candidates. >> ohio has about 11 and a half million people, 18 and two candidates hoping to win over the states. >> we're going to win ohio. thank you so much. let's take back america. >> unless you live under a rock
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or your table, you may have noticed that there's an election going on here in ohio. >> it was national politics turned local with five stops from the candidates. mitt romney was near columbus, cleveland and toledo. president obama is bolling green focussing on middle class voters. >> when my opponent said we should just let detroit go bankrupt. don't move. folks, that -- that -- that would have meant walking away from an industry that supports one in eight ohio jobs. >> the difference between me and president obama is i know what to do, and i will do what it takes to get this economy going. >> ohio voters say the economy matters to them. romney argues his business experience makes him the best choice, but latest polls suggest voters think mr. obama would do a better job. a cnn average of four recent ohio polls found 51% of voters
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support president obama. 44% favor mitt romney. one of romney's events wednesday was a manufacturing round table with business leaders and tv host micro. he's a man known for taking on tough jobs. in ohio he's overshadowed by the two other men that's even tougher. in washington i'm emily smith. and for some more numbers, campaigned two on university poll says president obama was wide lead over mitt romney in the swing states of ohio, florida, and pennsylvania. in this case the president leads romney in ohio by ten points, leads in florida by nine points and in pennsylvania by 12 points. president before the united niegss today said the u.s./european union have entrusted themselves. the hall was not full as speech. the u.s. made demonstration voiced part of the speech.
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spokesman for the yieted nation un ambassador said it was unfortunate it was given the platform on yon kippur the holiest day in jud yichl. magnitude 2.4 hit the area just after 3:30 p.m. the communities. no damage or injuries were report and had no warning was issued. iconic crooner andy williams is being remembered tonight as an artist with an unforgettable melody. andy williams died last night at his hone in branson, missouri after a year-long battle with bladder cancer. he was 84 known for many songs including moon river and it's most wonderful time of the year. president ronald reagan once called andy williams a national treasure. in greece tens of thousands flock out today to protest the
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government's measures. violence outside the parliament building. protest the government's recent frement to enact their $15 billion in spending cuts to meet the demands of own leaders. continued unrest as we see again. the dow lost 24 points, nasdaq fell 24. san francisco takes the title for the best city in the country. its world class restaurants, large education in classes improve the economy all helped city by the bay earn its top spot from the bloomberg business week best. coming in second, seattle, then washington dc, then boston. portland rounds up 5 education, economic factors, crime, and air quality. a big settlement us davis pepper spray. peaceful protest on campus last
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year, tells us one student plans to use all of her portions to help others. >> the uc davis quad was peaceful this afternoon, a far cry from november 18th of last year. students engaged in a non-violent protest were pepper sprayed by campus police officers. >> my face was on fire. i felt like my eyes were boiling. it was pretty awful. >> today the university announced a $1 million settlement with the affected students. school officials say the money is just one part of this process. >> the discretion is and that -- and that everybody understands how to appropriately manage conflict. >> each student will receive $30,000. >> i think it's -- i know i'm going to spend all the money in future tuition to pay that. i know a lot of my friends are doing the same. >> a new uc davis graduate from east oakland says she was lucky enough to leave school with no debt, but she has different
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plans for her share. >> i'm donating everything. students are in debt, families who are losing their homes. i've already been in contact with people, and i don't plan on keeping a cent. >> the eclu is working with the school on structural change. >> to create better policies so that university doesn't just tolerate speech. it encourages it and it doesn't respond to the exercise of constitutional rights with overwhelming police response. >> the two primary officers involved in the incident including lieutenant john height are no longer with the police department. ktvu channel 2 news. regular could be back early as this weekend. according to espn the refs should be close to a teal and the two-month long lock out. pressure has been mounting to reach a deal after the controversial game between seattle sea hawks and packers. it could take weeks to get them back.
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as many will tell you find you something, anything to soothe your crying baby could be like finding dogs. coming up the bay area parent who decided to use the force and a viral phenomenon speaks out. and burning off the coast going to bring some warm weather just in time for your weekend. meteorologist will let us know the highs once again
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. two cyclists pedalling thousands of miles through south america to support local breast cancer foundation tonight will come face to face with the organization they're benefitting. the two friends began their thousand-mile journey in south anchorage alaska. cyclists will be celebrated tonight at a party in their honor. joining us now and also looking ahead to the weekend, some news for us. >> we have some big changes, gasia, in fact, 90s making a come back as we head into saturday and sunday. not much change and, of course, that does mean some fog. it will be a big part of our forecast right around pacifica there across ocean beach, daily city and already some overcast across the golden gate bridge and a few into san francisco bay. temperatures change from a cool 56 greece, 56 in pacifica all
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the way to the 80s well inland out towards fairfield, ant yak, livermore. san jose maxed out mid 70s at 75. forecast tonight we do have this partly cloudy skies, some coastal fog increasing. tomorrow's morning fog will be mild to warm and this weekend this is a big headline, more sunshine and temperatures do warm back up. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning will be in the upper 40s to the low to mid 50s. the fog on the coast and also right around the bay mostly clear skies as you work your well and for your thursday, there's minimal change in the forecast. things cool for the beaches and temperatures inland on track to reach the mid to upper 80s. high pressure, though, this weekend returns, in fact, friday returns that air that is warming and you will notice that warmup as you head into saturday and sunday. that coupled with a very weak north, northeasterly flow will warm up the bay side locations and even o coast. with that on track the low 70s by sunday. here's our forecast model show
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you this. between now and 6:00 tomorrow morning the fog on the increase even a few patches into the bay and to the afternoon hours patchy fog for the shore line. more sunshine inland. the rolling up in the 80s. warmest locations could be flirting with the 90-degree mark. forecast highs for your thursday afternoon santa rose upper 80s, oakland lower 70s and 72s and check right about 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow mafrn, san francisco. here is a look ahead your five-day forecast. weekend always in view temperatures going up friday especially saturday and sunday, sunday the hottest day of the upcoming weekend. gasia. thank you, mark. at seven months old the santa rosa boys enjoying a bit of internet. look at that.
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that's back in his earlier days his mother says without he would calm down to the star wars theme song. the video now has 450,000 views on you tube. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and next right here on tv 36 vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento,

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